What Happens Next At Microsoft?

No one likes to think about what happens when their fearless leaders are suddenly no longer around to guide the way. However, large corporations have to think about the line of succession when it comes to the top leadership of the brand. Often, the founder of the company is also the one who is leading the brand into the future. They tend to have a strong personality and a recognizable face. As such, they are looked upon to be the one to lead the company forever. Obviously, that is not possible though. Others must be put in place to take over when the current leader passes on.

Microsoft is currently facing the line of succession question (an article authored by Dennis Carey provides additional insight). There are a few candidates that are being considered for the job at the moment. The company is playing its cards close to the vest at the moment. They don’t want to reveal too soon who they believe should lead the company next when it is too early for them to do so. That kind of thing could give away too much information to the competition.

The debate within the company seems to be at the moment if they should stay within the company for their new leader or hire someone from another tech savvy company. In the past tech giants have taken both tactics when looking to crown a new king within the company. It has worked out well for both in both cases, so Microsoft has to try to determine which method will work out best for them.

If the company were to seek a CEO from outside the company, they may be able to locate some outside talent that they did not previously have. They may even be bringing in some talent or new ideas that are currently missing from the brand. Sometimes seeking help from the outside can be useful in terms of mixing things up and changing the action plan within the company.

CEOs are important to the direction of any and all companies as they tend to point the brand in one direction or another. It is obviously a vital decision for the company to make, and there is likely to be a lot of work that goes into it. All companies should have a succession plan in place. Even though no one wants to lose the currently leader that they have, it can happen at a moment’s notice, so it is best to be prepared.