SHOT Show 2018 – ADS Booth

ADS began in 1997 after founders realized there was a gap between what the Navy SEALS in their community had for equipment and what they needed. They formed ADS Inc. (Atlantic Diving Supply) to meet those needs and have been doing so ever since. They collaborate with suppliers across the country to provide gear specifically required by military, law enforcement, shooting sports, and hunting. Their aim is to increase functionality and safety for the user.

Every year, ADS sponsors the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show (SHOT Show) to show industry personnel their newest merchandise. This year the SHOT Show was held in Las Vegas from January 23 to 26, where new and innovative were key words of the day. There were exhibits and demos available to stage how equipment is designed to be used in real life scenarios.

Everyone who has donned a uniform and gear appreciates all efforts to keep equipment as light weight as possible. The Guardian S robot is a premier surveillance and inspection tool that weighs only 16 pounds. The Guardian S allows the user to obtain audio and visual content from a safe distance. Attendees watched as ADS demonstrated this ability by maneuvering the robot over a simulation of rough terrain at their booth. While the manufacturer does make larger siblings, the S is aimed at assisting law enforcement.

The ADS booth also gave limited demonstrations of the L-3 Insight Technology latest night vision goggles in a dark room set up specifically to show the difference this new technology offers. These goggles provide better target detection and recognition by using black and white for visualization. The additional detail obtained in shapes and shadows helps the user better discern contrast and depth perception.

Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS), is based in San Diego They provide military, law enforcement and medical personnel with a converted movie studio to use for “hyper-realistic” training. They can set up training exorcises based on the geographic area the personnel where they will be working. Representatives from STOPS performed a live simulation of medical professionals providing simulated medical care under field conditions.

The SHOT trade show is open to all suppliers and staff in the industries on which ADS focus’. Each person who registers must qualify on two levels: the company must prove to be a manufacturer or supplier, and the individual must prove they are employed by a qualifying company.