NC Startup Attracts Major Investors

Undercover¬†Colors is an amazing new invention for women that will revolutionize their safety during a night out. It’s a wearable nail polish that is applied before a night out that can actually tell you if the drink that cute guy at the bar sent over was spiked with a dangerous drug! Undercover Colors is an important weapon that any woman should have in her arsenal every night for her night out.

How does Undercover Colors work? The company was created by students at North Carolina State University School of Engineering. It is applied before your night out. If a drink needs checked for any kind of date-rape drug the woman wearing the Undercover Colors places the tip of one of her fingers into her drink. If the drink has been tampered with one of the drugs that Undercover Colors detects, the nail polish will change color, letting the wearer know NOT TO DRINK.

Unfortunately, sexual assault is a real and important concern that is still prevalent in our society, particularly on or around college campuses. As many as one in six women will be sexually assaulted at some point in her lifetime. Undercover Colors will help to put an end to sexual assault one bottle of nail polish at a time. So tell your friends or loved ones if they are heading out to college, or have reached the age to drink or frequent bars about this product that could save or protect a life.

So if you know someone who is of dating age, Undercover Colors would make a wonderful gift that could potentially save their life. Even if the woman doesn’t date, the nail polish could still help save the life of so many women! If we as women were to only wear this nail polish and check our drink each time we went out alone or with friends, especially at night, imagine how many lives would be saved!

Undercover Colors is set to be released in 2017, this year, and will hopefully be added to every purse in America and will help to keep women safe day in and night out. Who would have thought that just a little bottle of nail polish would help pave the way to ensure the safety of women?