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UAE’s Bright Outlook for Future Space Mission

There is a great deal of excitement in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) these days as the country is poised to become involved in space exploration. In July 2020, the UAE will launch its Hope spacecraft on a mission to Mars. The spacecraft is scheduled to reach the Red Planet in 2021, just in time to mark the 50th anniversary of UAE’s founding. The outlook is very bright for the mission’s success because Earth and Mars will be at their closest point during the launch window. The mission will mark a significant turning point in the UAE’s development.

The country’s development of space technology is just one sign of its new diversified economic growth. The mission to Mars will enrich Emirati capabilities and increase human knowledge of distant planets and space exploration. It’s also part of the UAE’s drive to increase their intellectual and technical capabilities in the aerospace industry. The country’s production of space technology is designed to enhance its development plans. Meeting the epic challenge of traveling to Mars will inspire and motivate people throughout the country to move forward with technological advances in many other areas.

The UAE Mars mission team includes:

  • EMM deputy project manager and science lead Sarah Amiri
  • EMM deputy project manager for spacecraft development Suhail Al Mheiri
  • EMM launch segment lead Mohammad Abdulrahim
  • EMM deputy project manager for mission operations Zakariyya Al Shamsi, Adnan Al Rais
  • EMM Deputy Project Manager Ground Station
  • EMM deputy project manager for strategic planning Ibrahim Hamza
  • Khulood Al Harmoodi, EMM deputy project manager for Product Assurance and Logistics
  • Nour Al Teneiji EMM Liaison Officer and Omran Sharaf EMM Project Manager

The final agreements were recently signed, marking the first major event in a 7-year journey giving the UAE a presence in international space exploration activities. The journey will be made in an unmanned space probe named Hope. It is a compact, hexagonal-section spacecraft made out of aluminum. The probe will be a honeycomb structure that’s stiff yet lightweight and its surface will be covered with a very strong composite face sheet. The spacecraft is about the size and weight of a small car. It measures 2.3 meters wide and is 2.90 meters tall. When filled with fuel the probe will have an overall weight of 1,500 kilograms. The groundbreaking undertaking is the first mission to Mars by an Arab country.

TV from the sun: ‘Now I am connected to the whole world’

Stanley Gikonyo says his life has been transformed by satellite TV. “I am connected to the whole world,” he says.

But what’s extraordinary is that his house, where he lives with his wife and two children in Mwea, central Kenya, has no access to mains electricity.

Instead, the power for Mr Gikonyo’s new TV service comes directly from the sun. He is one of the early adopters of AzuriTV – a new solar-powered satellite TV service that gives his family access to 50 channels.

He says the system is already making his life easier, and has opened new doors for his farming business.

“I had been using other solar panels and normal batteries, which gave me a hell of a time in charging them, and with acid spills,” he says.

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Drug Detecting Nail Polish Coming in 2017

Date rape drugs are commonly used in bar and club settings to put (mainly) females in a state of submission so they can be taken advantage of. With rape and sexual harassment cases on the rise, Undercover Colors (, invented by graduates of North Carolina State University, aims to lash out at those who want to make victims of women in particular by introducing nail technology that can literally potentially save lives.

With an anticipated introduction in 2017, the product line features nail polish that changes colors when it is exposed to liquids that have been laced with common date rape drugs. This means women can ‘test’ their drinks for tampering while being discreet, and they can feel more confident in crowded or questionable situations where they can potentially be exposed to the drugs.

Undercover Colors came to life when its main inventors decided that 1 in 6 women facing sexual assault in their lives was not acceptable. Wanting to put their skills to positive use, co-founders, Steve and Tyler worked for years to come up with the ingenious nail polish that can help keep women and teenage girls out of harms’ way when they simply want to go out and have a good time.

Within just a few seconds a woman can tell if her drink has been tampered with, which can save her life and keep her from years of emotional and physical despair. In a time where women are tired of being statistics, an answer in Undercover Colors gives females around the world the power to maintain control of what goes into their bodies without having to scrupulously eyeball their beverages all night long.

The goal of this product is simple: to protect women (and men) from being victims when they simply want to go out and have fun with their friends, sisters, or colleagues. As it becomes harder and harder to slip a date rape drug into an unsuspecting victim, hopes are high that fewer women will be victims of sexual assault as the nail polish becomes available to the public. Who knew that fashion could be so life-saving and essential?

Entrust Capital and Permal Group Merge

Entrust Capital and Permal Group announced plans of a merger to create EntrustPermal whose assets are valued at $29billion, and $26billion in pro-forma AUM. This merger comes as good news as it joins the biggest alternative firms for asset management. The announcement was made on January 22nd, 2016 as Permal got into agreement talks with Entrust Capital on the said issue.
Entrust is one of the leading hedge fund and asset management firms based in New York. It has $12billion worth of assets which it will mix with Permal. The EntrustPermal group has a diverse offering of investment products with high-end investors willing to take their risk with the new group. Legg Mason, the mother company of Entrust Capital, will now own 65% of the new company, Entrust Permal while the rest of the share is owned by Gregg Hymowitz. Gregg is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Entrust Capital. He will be the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of EntrustPermal.
The key investment and business professionals of the company will continue to provide services for the new entity. As the new company is formed, it creates bigger global opportunities for investment, infrastructure, and investments for the investors to utilize. Some of the key investment capabilities that Entrust Capital holds include:

  1. A bigger team of 55 key experts sourced from both companies to create a stronger team of investment professionals.
  2. More investment opportunities for EntrustPermal that include 150 new investment offerings which come from 18 different investment strategies.
  3. A larger investment platform which has customized investment solutions, opportunistic co-investments, and tail-risk hedging strategies.
  4. More alternative and innovative products and business lines. These include, private debt offerings, and direct hedge funds.
  5. The ability to increase the existing Management Account Platform.

The CEO of Legg Mason, Joseph A. Sullivan, expressed optimism when he spoke on the combination as he sees meaningful opportunities. The Entrust team has a proven track record for growth through product innovation. In his speech, Mr. Sullivan said that the company expected to create significant potential growth engine by bringing the two leading names together.
The CEO of Permal Group, Omar Kodmani, also showed optimism that the two companies operating as one would achieve more success. He commented on the industry stating that it required the best alternative solutions which needed scale and talent. Entrust Permal has no shortage of both as it paired up the best in the industry.