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SHOT Show 2018 – ADS Booth

ADS began in 1997 after founders realized there was a gap between what the Navy SEALS in their community had for equipment and what they needed. They formed ADS Inc. (Atlantic Diving Supply) to meet those needs and have been doing so ever since. They collaborate with suppliers across the country to provide gear specifically required by military, law enforcement, shooting sports, and hunting. Their aim is to increase functionality and safety for the user.

Every year, ADS sponsors the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show (SHOT Show) to show industry personnel their newest merchandise. This year the SHOT Show was held in Las Vegas from January 23 to 26, where new and innovative were key words of the day. There were exhibits and demos available to stage how equipment is designed to be used in real life scenarios.

Everyone who has donned a uniform and gear appreciates all efforts to keep equipment as light weight as possible. The Guardian S robot is a premier surveillance and inspection tool that weighs only 16 pounds. The Guardian S allows the user to obtain audio and visual content from a safe distance. Attendees watched as ADS demonstrated this ability by maneuvering the robot over a simulation of rough terrain at their booth. While the manufacturer does make larger siblings, the S is aimed at assisting law enforcement.

The ADS booth also gave limited demonstrations of the L-3 Insight Technology latest night vision goggles in a dark room set up specifically to show the difference this new technology offers. These goggles provide better target detection and recognition by using black and white for visualization. The additional detail obtained in shapes and shadows helps the user better discern contrast and depth perception.

Strategic Operations Inc. (STOPS), is based in San Diego They provide military, law enforcement and medical personnel with a converted movie studio to use for “hyper-realistic” training. They can set up training exorcises based on the geographic area the personnel where they will be working. Representatives from STOPS performed a live simulation of medical professionals providing simulated medical care under field conditions.

The SHOT trade show is open to all suppliers and staff in the industries on which ADS focus’. Each person who registers must qualify on two levels: the company must prove to be a manufacturer or supplier, and the individual must prove they are employed by a qualifying company.

The Premier Event for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders

Every year, ADS Inc. (Atlantic Diving Supply); a major government supplier of military accessories, apparel and equipment, hosts the annual Warrior Expo East. This event is held for players in military service, first responders and law enforcement to visit various booths show casing the latest training and gear in the industry.

While attending the event is free, persons interested in attending have to first ensure with their respective agency official that they are permitted according to the WAG rule. The event provides the ideal opportunity for procurement specialists, program managers and other end users in the industry to familiarize themselves with leading solutions in the industry.

This year’s Warrior Expo recorded a large number of attendees who got the opportunity to learn from the numerous vendors that had come to showcase their products. Buyers were able to do an evaluation of the size, qualities and capabilities of some of the equipment displayed on a first-hand basis. Buyers were also able to experiment and test some of the equipment; in addition to that, there were sales representatives who took their time to educate them and answer their questions comprehensively.

Many different firms showcased their products, and we’ve listed some of the highlights below:

Field Forensics; this is a firm that provides various products such as; narcotics and explosives color test-kit, SPME explosives devices, Spot.On.ID, the HandyRam hand-held Raman Spectrometer for testing and detecting narcotics and explosives as well as other innovative products. The company has also partnered with FFI Tactical, a company providing world-class tactical apparatus for law enforcement, UXO clearance, bomb squads, humanitarian demining and other security organs. They also provide chemical identification and detection devices.

• Six15 Technologies; in this booth buyers were given demonstrations of the world-class wearable solutions. The company provides wearable products such as the Tac-Eye 2.0 and the Tac-Eye binoculars. The Tac-Eye 2.0 is a small device that can be worn on the head, mounted via a helmet boom or glass clip, which gives its users a direct-view display. The binoculars on the other hand, have a stereoscopic view (for warfighters). The uniqueness of this set id that the user can directly plug it into camera systems, computer systems, thermal weapon sights etc.

• ITTS (Innovative Tactical Training Solutions). The firm provides products such as BBS (blast simulators), manikins and helo cabin simulators. Attendees of the Expo got to learn how the wireless manikins function. Watching the manikin breathing and barking just as a real dog would was quite fascinating for the viewers.

Generally, the expo was very beneficial to all the persons who attended and visited most or all the booths that had been set up. They engaged comprehensively with the solutions providers and got learn, compare and contrast the industry’s best security solutions and apparatus.

The New Markets Program in Maine Changes Everything

A business that did not have the money to make a move into a new market in Maine now has the money that it needs because of the new markets tax program. The tax program is going to make it easy for people to make sure that they are going to get the money that is needed to remain as consistent as possible. A company that is spending all its money on a move will not have any money left over, but the money that the company takes in from a tax credit is going to help the company save every year.

The Tax Break

The tax break is rated for the company based on their income, and it could change every year as the company becomes more successful. The company will still get a tax break as they grow, and they may get more tax breaks if they are willing to open more stores in other parts of Maine that are considered new markets. This is an easy process for every company to get through, and it is going to help these companies keep expanding when they might not have otherwise.

The New Markets

There are a lot of new markets in Maine that are great for companies to expand to, and every new market is going to give the company a chance to apply for a new tax break. The tax break is going to be great for the business to open just one more store, and it is going to make is that much easier for a company is get a handle on its finances as it plans an expansion. This is a very simple process, and it is going to make it very easy for companies to keep applying and renewing their tax credit status.

The tax credits that companies are getting are going to help these businesses make the most of their money. They have to have some cash on hand that is going to help them with their moves, and they can keep going into new areas so that they can serve the state and make more money. The tax credit program helps produce more results for these companies, and it is going to make it very easy for people to get money back at the end of the year. Every company in the program will be pleasantly surprised when they find that they are getting a lot of money back at the end of the year after the program has offered its tax break.

Creating a Wealth Management Firm

Many people now want to be an entrepreneur and one type of business to start is a wealth management firm, where you make profits by managing assets for the wealthy. Many former executives of large banks do this such as Gregg Hymowitz, Michael Horowitz, and Mark Fife, who left Goldman Sachs to create their own firm, Entrust Capital Inc.

Things to consider when creating a Wealth Management Firm:

Do you have the experience?

When he left Goldman Sachs to start Entrust Capital, Gregg Hymowitz was a Vice President in Goldman’s private client services group. Together with his partners, Gregg Hymowitz had received about $15 million in commissions within a year. Hymowitz had created a track record of positive portfolio management and was able to bring this experience to his new venture. Before starting wealth management independently, be sure to have the experience that will allow you to create positive returns for your clients.

Where will your clients come from?

Knowing your anticipated profit and potential clientele will help you to understand how to run your wealth management firm. Clients with greater wealth will provide access to more capital for your firm. Although it may seem ideal to go after the wealthiest clients, ensure your firm has the capability to manage large assets. Some wealth managers bring clients from their old firms, and others use word of mouth to find clientele. Either way, it is necessary to create a strategy of how you will find and retain new clientele.

What will be your investment strategy?

Once you obtain clients, there are multiple ways to go about managing their assets. A firm can focus on investing in a specific industry such as technology or pharmaceuticals, or they can take a more general approach to investing. There are numerous investment vehicles that can be used to create a positive returns for clients. It will be up to the management team to find the method that best utilizes its skills.

How Does A CEO Search Work?

Hiring a search firm to find a new CEO for a company is a wise choice, but the process can be quite long for these companies. The search firm is charged with finding someone who can lead the company for the foreseeable future, and finding someone of such importance can be quite difficult. This article explains how the search firm will carry on its business, how the CEO is presented to the client and how a company can go about its business while someone else does the search for them.

#1: What Does The Company Want?

The board of directors of any company can hire a search firm to find a new CEO who has the qualities that the business prefers. The qualities of a CEO change throughout the years, and the board of directors must choose a direction in which to go. The new CEO may need to carry on the work of the old CEO, or the new CEO may need to go in a new direction. The search firm will take these qualities into account when looking for a new candidate.

#2: How Does The Search Work?

The search is conducted by staffing professionals who will find candidates who are interested in the job. Well-known names in the industry include Dennis Carey of Korn/Ferry International. There are many executives around the country who may be interested in the job, and these people will be interviewed and vetted by the staff. The staff will complete a report for the board of directors, and the board of directors will make their decision based on this report.

The report may include just one person, but there are times when the report may include two people that the board must choose from. The staffing company gives the board people to choose from, and the board can spend a bit of time choosing. The company did very little of the search, but the search culminates in a person who is capable of leading the company. Choosing a CEO is much different from choosing other members of the executive team, and the professional staffers understand this difference.

A company that is in need of a great leader can find one of those leaders using a search firm. The search firm will find someone who is perfect for the job, and the person chosen will lead the company based on values and principles that are most important to the business. Leaving this to the search firm makes matters much simpler.

Fund Managers Rise to Regulatory and Market Challenges

Findings presented in a 2015 investment report published by SWIFT, a global financial cooperative which provides a secure information exchange network which is utilized by more than 10,800 financial institutions, raises current fund manager ongoing concerns related to regulations and collateral management.

Listed as the single largest source of expenditure, regulation issues related to know your customer, anti-money laundering and sanctions screening compliance continue to be addressed as operational pain points by 75% of surveyed managers.

European Market Infrastructure Regulation as well as Dodd Frank Act OTC derivative clearing requirements are changing managers relationships with investment banks from traditional bilateral relationships to newer trilateral relationships with clearing brokers and central counterparty clearing houses. This change has resulted in altered requirements as the clearing houses primarily require cash or that bonds meet only initial margin calls, with cash only to meet variation margin calls. Investment managers believe that this collateral optimization represents a real performance threat in terms of the delay implications of up front margin, as well as new costs in implementing the clearing requirement.

In addition to these fund issues, Hedge funds face additional challenges created by performance issues, particularly in 2014 with weighted performance nearly 8 points below the 11.4 percent gain in S&P 500, Global Market uncertainties in the oil and European currency markets as well as those issues created by new AFIMD and Dodd Frank Act Regulations.

Several analyses focus on optimistic Hedge Fund performance citing 2018 forecasts estimating a rise to $4.81 trillion from $2.63 trillion at the close of 2013. 74% of these assets are expected to be accounted for by institutions. Additionally, risk leverage strategies which previously focused on an alpha, excess return benchmark to re-categorization to beta risk, focusing on investment return streams.
Expressing its vote of confidence in hedge fund management, Saint Paul Teacher’s Retirement Fund Association allocated $55 million to Entrust Capital, Inc. in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Formed in April 1997 in New York, New York by three former Goldman Sachs managers with approximately 125 clients and $750 million of assets (, today employee owned EnTrust manages over 12 Billion in assets utlizing its fund of funds alternative strategies platform. Still managed by founders Michael Horowitz and Gregg Hymowitz, Entrust services high net worth individuals, pensions, profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, corporations, foundations, and endowments.

Investment funds continue to meet regulatory and market challenges in 2015.

What Happens Next At Microsoft?

No one likes to think about what happens when their fearless leaders are suddenly no longer around to guide the way. However, large corporations have to think about the line of succession when it comes to the top leadership of the brand. Often, the founder of the company is also the one who is leading the brand into the future. They tend to have a strong personality and a recognizable face. As such, they are looked upon to be the one to lead the company forever. Obviously, that is not possible though. Others must be put in place to take over when the current leader passes on.

Microsoft is currently facing the line of succession question (an article authored by Dennis Carey provides additional insight). There are a few candidates that are being considered for the job at the moment. The company is playing its cards close to the vest at the moment. They don’t want to reveal too soon who they believe should lead the company next when it is too early for them to do so. That kind of thing could give away too much information to the competition.

The debate within the company seems to be at the moment if they should stay within the company for their new leader or hire someone from another tech savvy company. In the past tech giants have taken both tactics when looking to crown a new king within the company. It has worked out well for both in both cases, so Microsoft has to try to determine which method will work out best for them.

If the company were to seek a CEO from outside the company, they may be able to locate some outside talent that they did not previously have. They may even be bringing in some talent or new ideas that are currently missing from the brand. Sometimes seeking help from the outside can be useful in terms of mixing things up and changing the action plan within the company.

CEOs are important to the direction of any and all companies as they tend to point the brand in one direction or another. It is obviously a vital decision for the company to make, and there is likely to be a lot of work that goes into it. All companies should have a succession plan in place. Even though no one wants to lose the currently leader that they have, it can happen at a moment’s notice, so it is best to be prepared.

San Diego Real Estate Classes

Investing in the real estate market requires training. Those that would like to pursue a career in the real estate field, require proper education or taking San Diego FortuneBuilders real estate classes. Many like to go further and become a real estate salesperson or even a real estate broker. Those professionals started their career by taking real estate classes in the San Diego area. In order to work in the field, one must attend classes and acquire certification or a degree. Fortunately, there are classes available in the San Diego area. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Classes Are Necessary

Real estate continues to make billions of dollars a year. Smart investors know the right markets. They also know where to place their money. Starting a career in real estate provides an opportunity to earn great profits too. However, it takes training to understand the real estate system and how it works. There are several sources to find legitimate San Diego real estate classes. The classes provide the basic information that is required to truly excel in the field.

Formal Classes

Those that are really serious about learning more about real estate should take classes that are located in the San Diego community. These are formal institutions. Some offer basic certification, while others offer a degree. They are some of the largest schools in San Diego attended by people from all walks of life. Here is the list:

Online Classes

Another option for busy people, is an online class. Online classes teach the same basic course that are taught at the more traditional schools in San Diego. One source is:

Kaplan University, Offers BS – Business Administration: Real Estate

Courses and classes usually include a combination of business, finance, ethics, law, sales, marketing, and more. Some include interactive tools, hands on training, books, videos, and guest lecturers in the real estate profession.