Company Profile: GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries, launched in 2009, is the world’s second-largest semiconductor chip maker. Although based in Santa Clara, California, it employs over 7,000 people in the northeast United States and is considered to be the anchor of the eastern New York “Tech Valley,” which has spurred an influx of research and development companies into the region.

The company provides a range of application-optimized solutions and technologies and to markets that include communications and data centers, automotive, mobility, and Internet of Things. Their leading-edge mask-making technology and collaborative ecosystem deliver optimized high-quality mask solutions that bring customer designs from data preparation to manufacturing to production.

Huge Investment
GlobalFoundries is in the process of investing $8.5 billion in what will be its new Fab 8 campus in New York’s Saratoga County. That will create the world’s most advanced manufacturing facility of semiconductors upon its completion. It is also the largest “green field” construction project being built east of the Mississippi River.

Partners of GlobalFoundries
Having partnered with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Mubadala Technology (Abu Dhabi’s former Advanced Technology Investment Company) and with acquiring Chartered, based in Singapore, the company has continued to expand.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is also based in Santa Clara, California, and is a multinational semiconductor company that develops computer processors and many related technologies for businesses and consumers. It initially manufactured its own processors but later outsourced to GlobalFoundries. AMD is the second-largest supplier and Intel’s only significant rival for x86-based microprocessors.

Mubadala Technology is a principal investment firm that invests in advanced technology sectors and focuses mainly on the semiconductor industry in Abu Dhabi, the United States, Europe, Asia, and throughout the world.

United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most innovative of the world’s economies, is a significant economic partner of the United States and is its largest export market in the Middle East. SelectUSA reported that UAE Foreign Direct Investment in the United States totaled $26 billion in 2016 and supported over 10,000 American jobs. UAE investments spur advancements and innovations in a multitude of sectors, including and manufacturing, high technology, aerospace, and real estate.

The Premier Event for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders

Every year, ADS Inc. (Atlantic Diving Supply); a major government supplier of military accessories, apparel and equipment, hosts the annual Warrior Expo East. This event is held for players in military service, first responders and law enforcement to visit various booths show casing the latest training and gear in the industry.

While attending the event is free, persons interested in attending have to first ensure with their respective agency official that they are permitted according to the WAG rule. The event provides the ideal opportunity for procurement specialists, program managers and other end users in the industry to familiarize themselves with leading solutions in the industry.

This year’s Warrior Expo recorded a large number of attendees who got the opportunity to learn from the numerous vendors that had come to showcase their products. Buyers were able to do an evaluation of the size, qualities and capabilities of some of the equipment displayed on a first-hand basis. Buyers were also able to experiment and test some of the equipment; in addition to that, there were sales representatives who took their time to educate them and answer their questions comprehensively.

Many different firms showcased their products, and we’ve listed some of the highlights below:

Field Forensics; this is a firm that provides various products such as; narcotics and explosives color test-kit, SPME explosives devices, Spot.On.ID, the HandyRam hand-held Raman Spectrometer for testing and detecting narcotics and explosives as well as other innovative products. The company has also partnered with FFI Tactical, a company providing world-class tactical apparatus for law enforcement, UXO clearance, bomb squads, humanitarian demining and other security organs. They also provide chemical identification and detection devices.

• Six15 Technologies; in this booth buyers were given demonstrations of the world-class wearable solutions. The company provides wearable products such as the Tac-Eye 2.0 and the Tac-Eye binoculars. The Tac-Eye 2.0 is a small device that can be worn on the head, mounted via a helmet boom or glass clip, which gives its users a direct-view display. The binoculars on the other hand, have a stereoscopic view (for warfighters). The uniqueness of this set id that the user can directly plug it into camera systems, computer systems, thermal weapon sights etc.

• ITTS (Innovative Tactical Training Solutions). The firm provides products such as BBS (blast simulators), manikins and helo cabin simulators. Attendees of the Expo got to learn how the wireless manikins function. Watching the manikin breathing and barking just as a real dog would was quite fascinating for the viewers.

Generally, the expo was very beneficial to all the persons who attended and visited most or all the booths that had been set up. They engaged comprehensively with the solutions providers and got learn, compare and contrast the industry’s best security solutions and apparatus.

How to License NASA Tech for Your Business

NASA may be the star of air and space exploration and innovation, but in recent years, they’ve been making it easier for tech entrepreneurs here on earth to harness many of the agency’s patented technologies. To do this, they’ve tackled one of the major problems entrepreneurs face … paperwork.

Small business owners end up wasting a lot of time on tedious tasks (perfect example: they spend an average of 33 hours searching for business financing). Obtaining licenses, particularly from government-run or affiliated agencies, can be a hassle, but when it comes to NASA tech, all of that just changed. The Automated Technology Licensing Application System, conveniently known as ATLAS, debuted this past June, and now those attempting to acquire a NASA patent technologies license can look forward to a much more streamlines and efficient process.
Why Seek a License?

Utilizing NASA technologies can put your product at the forefront of your industry by showing consumers that you’ve taken the time and initiative to implement tested solutions. Additionally, by harnessing technologies already tested and approved by NASA, companies can eliminate some development burdens while boosting brand integrity. That can translate into better products and stronger margins.

What Kinds of Licenses Are Available?

NASA’s patent portfolio is extensive and encompasses a wide variety of disciplines. With more than 1,4000 patented technologies available for licensing, it’s worth checking out their site. Here’s a quick glance at the categories that are included in their portfolio:

Health, Medicine, and Biotechnology,
IT and Software
Materials and Coatings
Mechanical and Fluid Systems
Power Generations and Storage
Robotics, Automation, and Control

If your product or necessary product components fit into any of those categories, your next question is likely “how do I get started?”

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Merger Boosts Legg Mason’s Position as a Top Asset Manager

In what will be seen as a clever business move, Legg Mason, Inc. has signed new deals with three firms, agreeing to acquire equity interests in those firms. The three firms, Clarion Partners, EnTrust Capital and Precidian Investments are involved in real estate, exchange traded funds and hedge funds respectively. This move is likely to bolster Legg Mason as one of the top asset management firms in the world.

Legg Mason will acquire a majority equity interest in Clarion Partners and a minority stake in Precidian Investments. EnTrust Capital will be merged with Legg Mason’s Permal Group, resulting in an increase in hedge business assets to about 26 billion US dollars. Mary Athridge confirmed these business deals. Mary is a spokesperson for Legg Mason.

Clarion Partners

Legg Mason will part with 585 million US dollars to acquire 83 percent ownership stake in Clarion Partners. Clarion Partners will become the real estate investment subsidiary of Legg Mason and will operate independently as a private equity and debt real estate investment manager.

The remaining 17 percent ownership stake will be retained by the management team of Clarion partners. Most members of Clarion’s management team will retain their roles after the deal is completed, including the chairman, Stephen J. Furnary.

EnTrust Capital

To merge Permal Group with Entrust Capital, Legg Mason will pay an amount in the region of about 400 million US dollars. The merger will give birth to a new company, EnTrustPermal. Combining Permal Group’s 14.5 billion US dollars and EnTrust Capital’s 12 billion US dollars will make the new company one of the world’s largest hedge fund investors. Precisely, EnTrustPermal will become the fifth largest hedge fund investors in the world, according to data obtained from an annual survey by Pensions & Investments.

Gregg S. Hymowitz, the managing partner of EnTrust Capital, will get a 35 percent ownership stake from the merger. Mr. Hymowitz will also manage the new company in the position of chairman and chief executive officer. The merger is expected to finalize by the end of 2016.

Precidian Investments

In the deal with Precidian Investments, Legg Mason purchased preferred equity for an undisclosed amount. This will make Legg Mason a holder of 19.9 percent common equity, with an option to purchase more without limits. Mary Athridge did not disclose any additional details of this particular deal.

United Arab Emirates Air Force Increases as Industry Grows

The UAE air force ( has been growing for some time, and it is now becoming one of the finest security forces in the world. The UAE has been building its air force into a large unit that ensures the safety of the airspace around the country. This article explains how the air force has grown over time to make the country safe. They are training more pilots, and they are building a core of pilots who make their country stronger.

The Pilots
The UAE has many pilots they are training to do the work they need, and they are ensuring that the pilots are given the finest training possible. Someone who wants to fly with the air force is asked to complete compulsory service with the military, and they will fly the borders of the country to ensure that it is safe. The pilots that are produced by the air force will become civilian pilots in the future, and they inspire kids to become pilots in the future.

Increasing Their Military Presence
The military presence of the UAE is one that is growing every day. They must have a presence when the ISIL is moving around the region, and there are quite a few people whose lives will be saved because of what the air force does. They must grow their air force to reach the outer regions of their country where the ISIL may move in, and they hope to find ways to protect their country’s border before anyone ever comes in.

The Growing Air Industry
The air industry in the country is one that depends quite a lot on the air force. The civilian airlines in the country are flying around the country knowing that they are protected by the UAE air force, and they will have the assurance that the UAE air force is on standby. The country depends on air travel for commerce, and they are trusting the air force to give them the peace of mind they need.

Someone who is willing to fly for the air force will find that they are doing the country a great service. They will help to protect the country in a number of ways, and they will build a military presence that makes the country a much safer place to live ( Everyone who lives in the UAE benefits from what their air force does.

Google Acquires Newborn Bengaluru-Based AI Startup Halli Labs

Google has acquired Halli Labs, a Bengaluru-based company that started its journey barely four months ago. The startup focuses on solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

 Halli Labs says it will be joining Google’s Next Billion Users team, the Mountain View-based company’s initiative that is working to bring the next billion users online from emerging markets like India. Over the past one year, Google has announced several services to better serve the untapped Indian market. Some of these include improved translation services and better voice recognition support for local languages.
 It’s not entirely clear how large Halli Labs is, but its core team members including Pankaj Gupta, and Pradhuman Jhala, were previously at marketplace Stayzilla. Gupta, who founded Halli Labs and assumes CEO position, was the chief product officer and chief technology officer at Stayzilla, while Jhala was the chief architect.

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UAE’s Bright Outlook for Future Space Mission

There is a great deal of excitement in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) these days as the country is poised to become involved in space exploration. In July 2020, the UAE will launch its Hope spacecraft on a mission to Mars. The spacecraft is scheduled to reach the Red Planet in 2021, just in time to mark the 50th anniversary of UAE’s founding. The outlook is very bright for the mission’s success because Earth and Mars will be at their closest point during the launch window. The mission will mark a significant turning point in the UAE’s development.

The country’s development of space technology is just one sign of its new diversified economic growth. The mission to Mars will enrich Emirati capabilities and increase human knowledge of distant planets and space exploration. It’s also part of the UAE’s drive to increase their intellectual and technical capabilities in the aerospace industry. The country’s production of space technology is designed to enhance its development plans. Meeting the epic challenge of traveling to Mars will inspire and motivate people throughout the country to move forward with technological advances in many other areas.

The UAE Mars mission team includes:

  • EMM deputy project manager and science lead Sarah Amiri
  • EMM deputy project manager for spacecraft development Suhail Al Mheiri
  • EMM launch segment lead Mohammad Abdulrahim
  • EMM deputy project manager for mission operations Zakariyya Al Shamsi, Adnan Al Rais
  • EMM Deputy Project Manager Ground Station
  • EMM deputy project manager for strategic planning Ibrahim Hamza
  • Khulood Al Harmoodi, EMM deputy project manager for Product Assurance and Logistics
  • Nour Al Teneiji EMM Liaison Officer and Omran Sharaf EMM Project Manager

The final agreements were recently signed, marking the first major event in a 7-year journey giving the UAE a presence in international space exploration activities. The journey will be made in an unmanned space probe named Hope. It is a compact, hexagonal-section spacecraft made out of aluminum. The probe will be a honeycomb structure that’s stiff yet lightweight and its surface will be covered with a very strong composite face sheet. The spacecraft is about the size and weight of a small car. It measures 2.3 meters wide and is 2.90 meters tall. When filled with fuel the probe will have an overall weight of 1,500 kilograms. The groundbreaking undertaking is the first mission to Mars by an Arab country.

NC Startup Attracts Major Investors

Undercover Colors is an amazing new invention for women that will revolutionize their safety during a night out. It’s a wearable nail polish that is applied before a night out that can actually tell you if the drink that cute guy at the bar sent over was spiked with a dangerous drug! Undercover Colors is an important weapon that any woman should have in her arsenal every night for her night out.

How does Undercover Colors work? The company was created by students at North Carolina State University School of Engineering. It is applied before your night out. If a drink needs checked for any kind of date-rape drug the woman wearing the Undercover Colors places the tip of one of her fingers into her drink. If the drink has been tampered with one of the drugs that Undercover Colors detects, the nail polish will change color, letting the wearer know NOT TO DRINK.

Unfortunately, sexual assault is a real and important concern that is still prevalent in our society, particularly on or around college campuses. As many as one in six women will be sexually assaulted at some point in her lifetime. Undercover Colors will help to put an end to sexual assault one bottle of nail polish at a time. So tell your friends or loved ones if they are heading out to college, or have reached the age to drink or frequent bars about this product that could save or protect a life.

So if you know someone who is of dating age, Undercover Colors would make a wonderful gift that could potentially save their life. Even if the woman doesn’t date, the nail polish could still help save the life of so many women! If we as women were to only wear this nail polish and check our drink each time we went out alone or with friends, especially at night, imagine how many lives would be saved!

Undercover Colors is set to be released in 2017, this year, and will hopefully be added to every purse in America and will help to keep women safe day in and night out. Who would have thought that just a little bottle of nail polish would help pave the way to ensure the safety of women?

TV from the sun: ‘Now I am connected to the whole world’

Stanley Gikonyo says his life has been transformed by satellite TV. “I am connected to the whole world,” he says.

But what’s extraordinary is that his house, where he lives with his wife and two children in Mwea, central Kenya, has no access to mains electricity.

Instead, the power for Mr Gikonyo’s new TV service comes directly from the sun. He is one of the early adopters of AzuriTV – a new solar-powered satellite TV service that gives his family access to 50 channels.

He says the system is already making his life easier, and has opened new doors for his farming business.

“I had been using other solar panels and normal batteries, which gave me a hell of a time in charging them, and with acid spills,” he says.

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Drug Detecting Nail Polish Coming in 2017

Date rape drugs are commonly used in bar and club settings to put (mainly) females in a state of submission so they can be taken advantage of. With rape and sexual harassment cases on the rise, Undercover Colors (, invented by graduates of North Carolina State University, aims to lash out at those who want to make victims of women in particular by introducing nail technology that can literally potentially save lives.

With an anticipated introduction in 2017, the product line features nail polish that changes colors when it is exposed to liquids that have been laced with common date rape drugs. This means women can ‘test’ their drinks for tampering while being discreet, and they can feel more confident in crowded or questionable situations where they can potentially be exposed to the drugs.

Undercover Colors came to life when its main inventors decided that 1 in 6 women facing sexual assault in their lives was not acceptable. Wanting to put their skills to positive use, co-founders, Steve and Tyler worked for years to come up with the ingenious nail polish that can help keep women and teenage girls out of harms’ way when they simply want to go out and have a good time.

Within just a few seconds a woman can tell if her drink has been tampered with, which can save her life and keep her from years of emotional and physical despair. In a time where women are tired of being statistics, an answer in Undercover Colors gives females around the world the power to maintain control of what goes into their bodies without having to scrupulously eyeball their beverages all night long.

The goal of this product is simple: to protect women (and men) from being victims when they simply want to go out and have fun with their friends, sisters, or colleagues. As it becomes harder and harder to slip a date rape drug into an unsuspecting victim, hopes are high that fewer women will be victims of sexual assault as the nail polish becomes available to the public. Who knew that fashion could be so life-saving and essential?

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